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How Golf Simulators Make You a Better Golfer Faster - Simply Golf Simulators

How Golf Simulators Make You a Better Golfer Faster

Golf is an incredibly fun game and a great excuse to spend some time outdoors, but it can also be especially challenging. Some people spend years playing golf only to see the slightest improvements. While this is often frustrating, those moments of victory become all the more rewarding for it.


It reminds me of the common saying that says  you will need to spend 10,000 hours at an activity in order to become an expert in it, which means you are looking at over 400 days of pure golf before you reach the zenith of your game.


However, getting in those 10,000 hours of golf can be difficult when you factor in home and work life, weather, and general tee time availability. This is where golf simulators come in. While golf simulators are not a perfect replacement for the fresh air and sunshine of the course,  they allow you to get in serious practice even when it's not possible to make it to the course.


Golf simulators also utilize advanced data-gathering technologies in order to help you analyze and improve nearly every aspect of your game. For many, these are the sorts of insights that will help you improve more and improve faster. In this article, I want to quickly break down the unique benefits of owning a golf simulator and how these benefits are designed to make you a better golfer.


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The Unique Benefits of Golf Simulators

Just as boxers need heavy bags and jump ropes in order to improve specific skill sets, a golf simulator becomes a training tool that allows you to narrow in and focus on various aspects of your game. The following are some of the top benefits you will gain from using a golf simulator.


Locate and Improve on Your Weak Points

Perhaps the most significant advantage of using a golf simulator is its ability to feedback tons of data to you in real-time. You will be able to take dozens of shots and figure out exactly where your imperfections lie. This information ensures that your practice time on the simulator is focused, directed, and serves a purpose towards improvement. On a public course, you cannot repeatedly focus on a particular type of shot and work it again and again. In this way, a simulator allows you to make faster improvements in the areas where you need it most.


Refining Your Swings

A golf swing combines several mechanical maneuvers that all synchronize to create your shot. A slight hiccup at any stage in the swing can cause significant disruption to your shot accuracy. With a simulator, you can see precisely where the imperfections in your swing lie and begin to correct them.


You will be able to isolate results while  driving or using hybrids, irons, fairway woods, etc., and figure out which shots you regularly hit with a slice or hook. You will be able to look at the distance, spin, angle, and smash factor and how these affect your shots over hundreds of attempts.


Pushing Past Your Golfing Plateaus

When you first start playing golf, you are likely to see significant improvement very quickly. As you improve, it will take more effort to continue advancing your skill sets. Eventually, many hit a point where they simply cannot seem to improve their game. With the insights and skill improvement benefits of a golf simulator, you will finally have the tools you need to blow past your golfing plateau and begin playing at a whole new level.


Golf course top view


Get in More Holes at More Locales

As we covered in the intro, it takes thousands of hours to reach your full potential as a golfer. However, putting in this many hours when you still have a day job or need to fight for time on your local course can be challenging. With a golf simulator, you will be able to squeeze in a few holes whenever you want. A simulator lets you play holes as you unwind after work, when you get some free time on a Saturday, or when you finally get the little one down for a nap.


Rounds of golf on a simulator are also faster. You don't have to wait for anyone in front of you, and you don't have to walk or drive to find your ball. You are able to immediately jump from shot to shot, greatly enhancing the speed of your game and your ability to practice certain skill sets.


Play on World Famous Courses

When you are trying to clock in hundreds and thousands of hours, you can get pretty tired of looking at the same course. A nice benefit of a golf simulator is that you are able to play rounds at world’s top courses, providing you with new challenges and environments within which to improve your game.



Get Actionable Tips, Fun Challenges and Unique Games

While a golf simulator cannot replace the authentic feel of a day on the course, it has its own unique benefits and features. Golf simulators have added games, challenges, and even prize money for some online tournaments that can keep you motivated and improving. For example, you can connect many simulators to the internet, where you can compete with friends and compete in online challenges and tournaments. The trackman has prize money for its tournaments, sometimes as high as $25,000!


Sometimes it's the motivation to play another couple of holes each session that will make the real difference in your game in the long run.


Looking for a Golf Simulator?

Hopefully, this article lets you see just how a golf simulator can help you play more, play longer, and improve your golf game faster. So, are you ready to try a golf simulator for yourself?


There are many choices when it comes to simulators on the market; that is why we at have gone out of our way to find, review, and stock only the very best options. Contact us today, and we will help you find the golf simulator that is perfect for your home and desired goals.

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