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Top Outdoor Putting Greens for 2023 - Simply Golf Simulators

Top Outdoor Putting Greens for 2024

When people think of playing golf at home, they typically jump right to golf simulators, and while we are big fans of simulators, many have much more outdoor space to work with than indoor space. For those with ample room outdoors, a putting green is a fantastic way to add entertainment to the home and it gives you a convenient way to hit a few balls and work on your golf game even when life gets a bit too busy.


Your putting ability is amongst the most critical aspects of your golf game, and a putting green is a great way to practice putting from the comfort of your own backyard.


Today, there are many options on the market when it comes to outdoor putting greens, and finding the best options for your unique needs is not always easy. To help you out, we have put together this list of the top outdoor putting greens for 2024 and a quick guide on how you can go about selecting the green that is right for you.


In This Guide, We Cover:

  1. The 5 Top Outdoor Putting Greens for 2024
  2. A Quick Outdoor Putting Green Buying Guide


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Top Outdoor Putting Greens for 2024

These are our choices for this year's best outdoor putting green options. Many of these are offered in various sizes, and the links are provided.


Par Saver Outdoor Putting Greens

Par Saver is known for its high-quality putting greens. They offer a wide variety of outdoor options cut into a variety of shapes with Symbior Fringe, “Best Cut” Fringe, and no fringe options available. Each Par Saver outdoor putting green is made of premier synthetic, a nylon 6-6 with 8-12 end monofilament construction, which makes for the best imitation of natural grass on the market today.


Par Saver Greens are easy to lay down, and they have the durability to withstand the elements for extended periods of time.  This simplicity, durability, and quality has made Par Saver a leader in the putting green space. There are a great deal of Par Saver Putting greens available in various shapes and sizes. Some of our favorites include:



The Commander Patio Series Putting & Chipping Greens

The Commander Patio Series Putting & Chipping Greens are a premium option when you want realistic, durable, and portable putting mats that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The mats are made of specialized putting turf material from Bog Moss surfaces with a 15-year outdoor rating and do a fantastic job of simulating a standard putting green.

These designs of the Commander Patio Series were based on the needs of the top tour players and teachers. They can provide you with hours of practice and entertainment for you and the family without needing to install and maintain a permanent green in your yard.


The Commander packages also come with a spring-loaded flagstick,  stadium-style backstop, and break pads. There are many Commander Patio Series Putting greens available in various sizes. Some of our favorites include:




Big Moss Golf 6'×12' Putting & Target Green

This Putting and Target Green from Big Moss Golf is a portable green designed to be placed in a large backyard or designated practice area and to be used as a target for chipping and pitching and gives you a moderately sized putting green. This green is made from highly durable fabric (15-year outdoor surface) that offers highly realistic feedback. The thick foam backing will even accept spin from pitches, soften landings, and even handle you taking full wedge shots off of it!

This outdoor green is made to be left outdoors year-round and is the perfect addition to those who want a personal practice green at a fraction of the price.




Tips for Buying a Putting Green

Many things will make a putting green "good," such as the quality of the turf, the wrinkle resistance, and the ability to play break are among them. However, before you begin to weigh these factors, you should first consider the size and shape, your ability and goals, and your options' price and lifetime value. Once you have found a green that can meet these first three metrics, you can begin to compare and contrast which options are best suited to your personal goals and needs.


Size and Shape

This is relatively self-explanatory, but you want to get a putting green that best maximizes your available space. This is much more of an issue for indoor putting green set-ups where space is going to be a big issue. Consider both the area you need when set up, and the space you will need when storing it. Most people will not have a great deal of room, so a smaller mat that is easily stored might be preferable.


Remember, some golf mats also offer various inclines, slopes, and other features that require extra items. You will have to weigh these options against the increased storage needs.


The larger the putting green, the longer the putts you can practice, but the more challenging the mat will be to store and care for.


Player Ability and Goals

You will also want to consider the ability and the goals you have for your putting green. If you're going to use this as an overall training aid for your golf game, it will be worth investing in the larger mat with a more significant number of options so you will be able to simulate the most challenging shots. A mat that you can quickly take down and put up is often preferable for more casual entertainment purposes.


Better players and more serious practice goals will often require larger and more versatile putting greens.


Price and Lifetime Value

You will also want to consider the price of the putting green relative to its lifetime value. An excellent putting green will easily outlast your other golfing equipment and thus generally warrants a bit of higher investment. A more significant investment is also justified since the quality of the putting green will directly correlate to the quality of the training you can get at home. All of the items on our list today have a great price to go along with their tried and tested durability.


Ensure the price matches the quality of the item you plan to buy.


Ready for an Outdoor Putting Green of Your Own?

This brief article should have hopefully allowed you to see some of the variety you have when choosing an outdoor putting green and given you some metrics with which to judge the options available to you. If you have any more questions about putting greens or other home golf supplies, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can view all of our putting greens in the Simply Golf Simulator shop here.

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