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The Best Full-Sized Hitting Bays for 2023 - Simply Golf Simulators

The Best Full-Sized Hitting Bays for 2023

Golf simulators have been booming in popularity, and we have seen an increasing number of discussions around these products popping up online amongst golfers. These conversations and debates often revolve around the various options you have in software and hitting mats and the effect they have on the simulation experience. However, something you rarely see being discussed, even though it can seriously impact the overall simulation experience, is the hitting bay one uses.


A hitting bay typically involves the impact screen and surrounding enclosure in which you will be hitting your balls. The more durable and well-built your hitting bay setup is, the more immersive your overall simulation experience will be. Even so, many looking to buy a golf simulator overlook this vital piece of golfing simulation equipment.


To help you out, we have put together a list of this year's best hitting bays for several categories. We have also given a brief explanation of why each choice is the best in its respective class. With the help of this guide, you should be able to find a hitting bay that suits your unique needs. All links to these products are provided below.


In This Guide, We Cover:

  1. The Best 12’ Hitting Bay: Majestic Series 12
  2. The Best Hitting Bay for Multipurpose Room: HomeCourse ProScreen 180
  3. The Most Affordable Large Hitting Bay: Cimarron Tour Simulator Golf Net


Best Hitting Bays for 2023

These are the best hitting bays for 2023. Each one is the top of its class in terms of quality and features provided.


Best 12’ Hitting Bay: Majestic Series 12

The Majestic Hitting Bay Series are known for offering a realistic and fun golf experience when paired with your most popular simulator systems.


One of the keys to the success of the Majestic Hitting bays is their premium screens made from full impact materials that offer an incredibly smooth surface to project upon and hit balls into. The tight-knit polyester used in their screens helps to dampen the noise of the impact so that you are not sounding off loud bangs with every swing like with other lower-quality screens. The smoothness and high-quality materials also mean the screen provides an exceptionally crisp and sharp image when projected upon. '


The walls of the hitting bay are made of black nylon and can both shade the screen (keeping the image clear no matter the room lighting setup) and ensure your golf balls and clubs stay within the confines of your simulator area. 


All of the Majestic hitting bay materials have been built to withstand thousands of strikes at up to 250 miles per hour, and this hitting bay should only take 45-60 minutes to assemble. This series of hitting bays are also compatible with hitting net extensions for additional barrier safety.


Overall the design is excellent, comparable to hitting bays quadruple the price, and unlike many other screens, the picture fills 100% of the given area for a more immersive experience.



Pros of the Majestic Series 12

  • The size is a good middle ground between manageable size and immenseness.
  • Projection fills the screen very well.
  • Black nylon walls give great protection and shield the image.
  • Independently tested

Cons of the Majestic Series 12

  • There is no integrated projector mount.
  • You need to be a bit further back from the screen than some other setups.


  • Nylon side nets.
  • Foam inserts.
  • Ceiling mount for projector.


Buy the Majestic Series 12 here!



Best Hitting Bay for Multipurpose Room: HomeCourse ProScreen 180

The HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 is an easily mounted screen that can be extended out and then stored away in less than thirty seconds with the simple push of a button on the included wireless remote. This unique extendable screen and side netting are constructed from specialized ballistic-grade material designed to handle the full-speed golf ball impact at point-blank range. The shape is excellent, and you can rest easy knowing you won't have stray shots shooting outside of the designated area. The bottom of the screen also flexes a bit so the balls are sent rolling right back to you as you watch the simulation process the shot.


With the included "Pro Arm Extender tool," the screen comes with allows you to fold out one or both of the enclosure's sides so that you have more room depending on which side of the ball you are hitting from. The total possible extension is almost 14" of projectable area, which is excellent for 16:9 ratio projectors.


You will need at least ten and a half feet of width to set up the pro screen, so be sure you have adequate space for this ample setup. There are three mounting options available. The ceiling mount kit comes free, while the wall mount or mobile stand can be purchased separately. The latter makes it, so you will not need to attach anything to your ceiling or walls.




  • Retractable so you can quickly have the room back.
  • Can extend up to 14 feet!
  • When extended to 14 feet, it is great for a 16:9 projection


  • There is no integrated projector mount.
  • It is not compatible with side barriers.
  • Needs to be mounted to the wall or ceiling unless you get the mobile stand.


  • A ceiling projector mount.
  • A wall mount for the screen.


Buy the HomeCourse ProScreen 180 here!


Most Affordable Large Hitting Bay: Cimarron Tour Simulator Golf Net

The Cimarron Tour Simulator Golf Net and screen creates a 5' deep enclosure that is secured on three sides (and the top) with ultra-strong archery netting (denser and more robust than your average golf netting). The screen itself is 100% polyester and is designed around providing you with a long functional life.


The setup makes for a great immersive experience that gets you into the zone of playing your game and allows you to concentrate on each swing. The netting and screen are also very durable, and the enclosure is so complete you have no worries about any stray balls or clubs damaging anything.



  • A great size for a fully immersive experience.
  • Great screen at a great price.


  • Very tall.
  • Projection does not fully fill the screen.
  • There is no integrated projector mount


  • Added ceiling mount.


Buy the Cimarron Tour Simulator Golf Net here!


Ready for Your Own Hitting Bay?

As this article has shown, owning your own hitting bay, even a full-sized one, is both possible and affordable. All of the items on this list are great for homeowners and allow for a great deal of versatility when it comes to your room setup. So, is it time for you to get a hitting bay of your own?


Looking for the top golf simulators and hitting bays? Browse our complete collection of Golf Simulators today! Want to learn more about golf simulators first? Check out our other helpful guides:



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