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Best 5 Home Golf Simulators For Under $5,000 - Simply Golf Simulators

Best 5 Home Golf Simulators For Under $5,000

While there are a ton of golf simulator options out there, sometimes all of that choice can get overwhelming.  One of the most common questions we get asked by consumers is regarding the availability of low-cost but effective simulation packages.  While all of the products we carry are of high quality, these are our most common recommendations for simulators that fall under the five thousand dollar price point.


We will briefly go over the basics of each package and provide you with links where you can learn more about the items included.  By the end of the article, you should have a series of options for low-cost but high-quality simulations.


In This Guide We Cover:

Best Home Golf Simulators For Under $5,000


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      Best Home Golf Simulators For Under $5,000

      These are our choices for the best home golf simulators for under five-thousand dollars. Keep in mind that several of these simulators have a market value well above $5,000; however, we provide the best deals available today, and all these options can be found in our shop for under five thousand dollars.



      OptiShot Net Return Pro Series Simulator Package

      The OptiShot Net Return Pro Series Simulator Package gives you everything you need to create a full golf simulation experience at an incredibly affordable price.  This kit includes the OptiShot2 Simulator and Golf Mat, a net, a simulator screen, valence from The Net Return Pro Series, and your choice of a short-throw simulator projector.


      The OptiShot software is award-winning and great for all types of golfers.  The simulation allows you to play in a fully 3d environment and the ability to include up to four other players.


      If you are looking for a simple, straightforward solution that allows for a great simulation experience, then The OptiShot Net Return Pro Series Simulator Package was made just for you.



      Golf In A Box 4 Optishot GIAB-4

      The Golf In A Box 4 Optishot GIAB-4 package is another Optishot setup that gives you everything you need to create a  golf simulation experience.  You will get the OptiShot2 Infrared Optical Swing Pad, an OptiShot Hitting Mat, foam practice balls, rubber tee's, a 9'H x 12'W x 5'D hitting bay, and all the cords you will need.  You will also receive a download for the OptiShot2 Software, which includes up to 15 full 3d courses.


      This is another great package that allows you to simulate a whole golf course experience at a fraction of the price of other simulators.



      ES Tour Cimarron Golf Simulator Package

      The ES Tour Cimarron Golf Simulator Package is another package that only makes it under the $5,000 mark thanks to the significant saving on our site and includes hardware that provides a great compromise between accuracy and affordability.  This is everything you need for a very high-level simulation and is argued by many to offer the best value for your dollar when it comes to golf simulators in 2023.


      You will get dual, high-speed cameras and a quad Doppler radar giving you incredible simulation accuracy.  These sensors pair up with the Cimarron 5x10x10 Tour Simulator Hitting Bay, 10' X 10' impact projection screen, and premium Eagle Golf Mat (with realistic grass simulation materials!).


      All of this can sync with the free award-winning ESGOLF App that allows you to track data on your clubs and shot history, giving you in-depth details on your progress.


      Optishot Majestic 12 Simulator Package

      The Optishot Majestic 12 Simulator Package is the fourth Optishot package on this list, and for a good reason, Optishot provides the widest selection of low-cost and high-quality golf simulators.  The Majestic 12 is the premium option for this price range and includes the Majestic Hitting Bay 12witha  frame that measures 9'H x12'W x 5'D.


      If the other Optishot packages sound promising, you owe it to yourself to consider this slight upgrade as it arguably provides the best simulation before you start getting into much more expensive options.


      Ready to Try a Golf Simulator for Yourself?

      Hopefully, this list should have allowed you to see just how affordable a fully immersive home golf simulation experience can be. This was only a small selection of the vast array of quality simulators available on the market today. Before you make a final choice, make sure to browse our complete collection of Golf Simulators!


      Make sure to compare the options available in store to your budget and adjust accordingly. Very often, for only a small increase in price you can get a significant increase in product quality. Feel free to ask out representatives about the best deals available.

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