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The Best Launch Monitors for Golfers in 2023 - Simply Golf Simulators

The Best Launch Monitors for Golfers in 2023

The launch monitor is arguably the most important aspect of a golf simulation experience, and they can often be utilized on the golf course in the real world as well. Launch monitors are often the most technologically advanced aspect of your golf tools and thus usually require the most thought and research when it comes to making a purchase.


A good launch monitor can help you out at the driving range, in the home, or out on the course.


Part of the difficulty in finding a suitable launch monitor is that what is “good” for one golfer may not be what another golfer needs. To help you out, we have put together this short series of reviews on the top launch monitors across several categories.


When it comes to launch monitors, you have no shortage of choices. Some of the options on this list are great in the home and out on the course, while others are a part of a fully comprehensive simulation experience! The following are our top picks for 2023.



In This Guide We Cover:

  1. Most popular Launch Monitor: Skytrak
  2. Best Launch Monitor for Chipping and Putting: ES Tour Plus
  3. Best Entry Level Launch Monitor: Optishot
  4. Best Launch Monitor for Accuracy: ProTee


Most popular Launch Monitor: Skytrak

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

The Skytrak launch monitor is a small, wireless device that is able to provide immediate feedback on your golf shots. The Skytrak can quickly display statistics such as ball speed, distance (carry and total), launch angle, club speed, spin rates and more through sophisticated launch data collection and ball flight visual feedback.


The Skytrak can sync up with several of the top golf simulation software setups like World Golf Tour (WGT) and E6 Connect, allowing you to play realistic simulations on several of the world's top courses. The Skytrak is a fantastic choice for a form of entertainment and as a golf game improvement tool for the home and out in the real world.


The game-improvement package allows you to track your shot consistency and focus your practice time on the areas that need the most work. Get reports on your on-green accuracy, shot consistency and dispersion, and other hitting tendencies.


There is a reason the Skytrak is the most popular launch monitor on offer today. It syncs up with all of the top simulators, is highly portable for taking out into the real world, and offers a vast range of detailed feedback on many vital aspects of your golf game.



  • Provides a very high level of accuracy when reporting data.
  • Works with a large choice of software.
  • Can be used outdoors on the course.


  • Accuracy limited for putting and chipping shots.
  • Needs metal case for protection.


Buy the Skytrak here!


Best Launch Monitor for Chipping and Putting: ES Tour Plus

ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor


As you may have noticed, the one real downside to the Skytrak was its lack of accuracy when it came to chipping and putting, and these are the types of shots that often need the most work or where improvement will provide the most overall value to your game. The ES Tour Plus is able to fill this gap and offer a great experience when chipping and putting in the simulation software. The ES Tour Plus is primarily for indoor use and relies on infrared light boards for its accurate readings. The Chip and Putt mode takes full advantage of this and offers a great training mode for players.


The ES Tour Plus connects to the free award-winning app to provide additional shot data and a course view. It allows the user to select their distance to the pin and see live ball flight while additional graphs show ball flight from an aerial and lateral perspective.


The ES Tour Plus can provide data points on your ball and club speed, smash factor, spin rate, launch angle, and overall distance when used outdoors. With the Ernest Sports app, you can get a live course view where you can get a recreation of a live ball flight with graphs and charts. When paired with the  ESGOLF App, you will be able to use the club comparison tools to track your data and keep track of the areas where you need improvement, and where your game is strong.



  • Very high level of accuracy.
  • Has a great putting and chipping mode.
  • Can be used outdoors as well.
  • Does not need a protective case.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Data points are limited outdoors
  • Fewer software options


Buy the ES Tour Plus here!


Best Entry Level Launch Monitor: Optishot

Optishot Golf In A Box

The Optishot Golf In A Box (GIAB) is a complete package that gives you all of the elements you need to set up an award-winning golf simulator. This simulator is the perfect tool for golfers of all types and skill levels to work on their skills and simply have some fun on the course from the comfort of their own home.


The key to outstanding accuracy and experience is the high-grade golf mat is specifically designed to fit the OptiShot2 Simulator and the sixteen high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors. These advanced devices allow Optishot to give you immediate and accurate data on your shots.


The hitting net is strong and can be easily set up and taken down; it also comes with a nice carrying case making it easy to store or take on the road.


The simulation comes packaged with 15 world-renowned courses and the ability to have up to four people playing at once. Some famous courses include the Bethpage Black Course, Palm Desert Bighorn Canyons Course, West Maui Kapalua Golf Plantation Course, and the Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club.



  • Great price for an advanced simulator.
  • Doesn’t need real golf balls.


  • High level of accuracy.
  • Limited software compatibility.
  • Must use their hitting mat.


Buy the Golf In a Box Optishot GIAB here!


Best Launch Monitor for Accuracy: ProTee

Protee system

The ProTee Simulator System provides the absolute best experience when you are looking for shot tracking accuracy and feedback. This simulator package puts a sensor system together with high-speed cameras to prove incredible accuracy and precision when measuring a whole host of metrics from your golf shots. While this setup must be used indoors to function, it offers an astonishing simulation that gives you perhaps the best way to analyze and improve your game. You are able to take shots off the tee, on the fairway, as well as pitch, chip, and putt with incredible accuracy.


The simulation allows you to play on tons of real-world courses or design your own! Then use the sensor mat and high-speed camera system to track your performance. The mat detects your swing path, clubface angle. swing tempo, ball speed, and much more! The cameras help to narrow in on the launch angle and ball direction to give you the absolute best simulation experience. There are also additional cameras you can purchase for added metrics and accuracy.



  • Uses two types of sensors for increased accuracy.
  • Has optional horizontal camera for additional accuracy
  • Comes with The Golf Club 2019 simulation software


  • More difficult to install than a basic launch monitor.
  • Cannot be used outdoors. Must be used with simulation.


Buy the ProTee here!


Ready to Buy a Launch Monitor?

This article is only a small introduction to the wide variety available when it comes to launch monitors on the market today. While these are some of the best choices one can buy, there are plenty of other great choices for you to browse.


Looking for the top golf simulators? Browse our complete collection of Golf Simulators today! Want to learn more about golf simulators first? Check out our other helpful guides:


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