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5 Top Indoor Putting Greens for 2023 - Simply Golf Simulators

5 Top Indoor Putting Greens for 2024

While golf simulators and driving ranges get most of the attention, it is perhaps the humble putting green that offers you the best way to improve one of the most critical aspects of your golf game. You will very well take more putting shots than any other type of shot in a round of golf, and a good putting green allows you to work on this aspect of your game from anywhere.


"The par score on any given hole is based on two putts."

PGA Golfer Mark Blakemore


An indoor putting mat will help you bring down the number of overall putts you are taking per round, allowing you to build accuracy and consistency. By having a convenient putting green at the home or office, you will be able to put in the necessary practice time required for improvement, no matter how busy the other parts of your life get.  In fact, taking a few minutes to take some putts can help you relax, unwind, and tackle the day refreshed.


Your putting ability is amongst the most critical aspects of your golf game and a putting green is a great way to practice putting from the comfort of your office, home or backyard.


The issue is that there is a vast range of options on the market in terms of price, features, and quality when it comes to putting greens, and finding the options that are a good investment can be tricky. To help you out, we have put together this article on the top five putting greens for 2024. We will briefly review these options and highlight why we feel they are the best choices for their respective price, size, and purpose.


In This Guide We Cover:


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5 Great Indoor Putting Greens for 2024

These are our choices for this year's best putting green options. Many of these are offered in various sizes, and the links to view them in the shop are provided.


Competitor Pro TW V2 3'x12' 6 Cups

This six-hole TW Series Competitor model allows you to both putt and chip in either direction. This green has various regulation-sized cups (and plugs), so you can arrange the putting layout based on your skills level and goals. You can slowly progress to smaller cups, enhancing your mental and physical abilities on the green.


The Competitor Pro TW V2 also has a heavier rubber-backed surface that is able to lay flat, even over carpeting, so you won't get the bubbling and bunching that plagues other indoor putting greens. This comes with the 3′ x 12′ green, a chipping mat, and two limited flight chipping balls. Also, break Pads which allow you to simulate 100's of terrain variations.


The Original EX2 V2 3'x15' and 3'x9' Options

The Original EX2 putting green options have a compact width that is great for certain room layouts and allows you to practice those moderate-length chips and putts. This is a tough material that is incredibly difficult to damage and will roll out smoothly so there won't be wrinkles. You also have the option with the added break snakes to create a whole range of contour challenges, ensuring that you always have a new way to push your putting game to the next level.


View the Original V2 at 3'x9' in-store or view the Original EX2 V2 3'x15' option.


The Long Putt V2 6'x60' and 6'x30'

The Big Moss signature long-putt greens are the best long-putt surfaces and can be found worldwide in professional facilities, trade shows, and long-putt contests. These putting greens are made from high-grade materials that can deal with very heavy foot traffic. Like with the other top putting green options, the added brake pads will allow you to create a number of contour set-ups for added challenges.


This is the absolute best option if you have the space and want to practice your long putting game. This is also a huge favorite for trade shows and other events.


View the Long Putt V2 6'x60' option or the Long Putt V2 6'x30' option.



9’ and 13’ Training Aid Putting Greens

The Tour Links 9 and 13 Foot Putting Training Aids are incredibly advanced pieces of technology able to help you improve your putting. With the string guide, stroke groover block, ball marking tool, alignment hash marker, contour mats, and cup reducing rings, you will be able to challenge and test every aspect of your short game. You will feel your body alignment, head position, impact squareness, and your confidence and accuracy all improve with regular usage. Both right-handed and left-handed golfers can make use of these putting greens.


View the 9 Foot Training Aid Putting Green or 13 Foot Training Aid Putting Green now!


The General V2 6'x12' 3 Cups

The General V2 is a basic design done to perfection. This is one of Big Moss' traditional models and allows you to get a lot of variable putting practice in a relatively confined space with easy rollout and storage. This putting green also comes with added brake pads, flagstick, chipping mat, and cup sleeves, so you are able to tweak and create a vast variety of challenging putting scenarios for you to practice.


Buying a Putting Green

As we stated in the intro, your putting ability is amongst the most critical aspects of your golf game, and a putting green is a great way to practice putting from the comfort of your office, home, or backyard. The issue is deciding what type of golf mat or putting green is the best fit for your unique needs and space. There is no single "best" answer to this question, so you will need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option before you buy.


In reality, there are many things that will make a great putting green "good," such as the quality of the turf, the wrinkle resistance, and the ability to play break are among them.


Some of the critical aspects of a Putting Green you should pay attention to are:

  • Size and Shape
  • Player Ability and Goals
  • Price and Lifetime Value



Ready to Get an Indoor Putting Green of Your Own?

Hopefully, you can now see the versatility available when it comes to getting quality indoor putting greens for your home, office, or next trade show. All of the options on this list are available in our store and have been chosen based on their outstanding level of quality over the years, current customer reviews, and the price range they are offered in.


View all of our putting greens in the Simply Golf Simulator shop here.

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