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The Best Small and Portable Hitting Bays for 2023 - Simply Golf Simulators

The Best Small and Portable Hitting Bays for 2023

While a good golf simulator allows you to play fully immersive golf games from your own home, there are a lot of pieces that go into a good simulation. Each part of your simulation needs to properly fit your needs, and your home and be compatible with your simulation goals. Perhaps the most challenging item to find for a personal simulation is the hitting bay. A hitting bay is the largest piece of the simulator and will contain the physical space in which you will be hitting your golf balls.


The trick is finding a hitting bay that both fits the room you plan to put it in, and that can still give you a full simulation experience.


To help you find the perfect hitting bay for your golf simulator, we have compiled a list of the best small and portable hitting bays on sale this year. These hitting bays are designed to easily fit into most homes while still giving you a fully immersive and spacious simulation experience. All links to these products are provided below.



In This Guide We Cover:

  1. The Best Portable Hitting Bay:  Home Series Net with Simulator Screen
  2. The Best 10’ Hitting Bay: Majestic Series 10


The Best Small and Portable Hitting Bays for 2023

These are the best smaller hitting bays for 2023. Each one is at the top of its class regarding quality and features provided.


The Best Portable Hitting Bay: Home Series Net with Simulator Screen

The Home Series V2 Golf and Multi-Sport Net and the Home Series Simulator Screen Accessory work together to create a highly portable, affordable, and effective hitting bay for at-home golf practice. You can pair this setup together with various golf simulator software options for a fully immersive golf simulation experience or use the pieces independently for whatever form of training you prefer.


For a family into sports, the home series net is an excellent multi-sport tool that can be used to create drills for several sports.


The Home Series V2 Multi-Sport Net is designed to be the perfect total-solution family sports net and can be used for various sports, including golf, baseball, hockey, and more. The net is highly portable with a unique duffle bag for easy on-the-go carrying and is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer, making it highly convenient. The Home Series Simulator Screen Accessory is designed to be used with a wide array of Golf Simulator Software and Projectors. It turns your Home Series Net into a Simulator Screen in minutes!

Home Series Net & Screen 

Summary of the Home Series Net with Simulator Screen


  • Highly Portable and easy to store.
  • Net can be used independently of the screen.
  • Very good price for both items.


  • Though portable, these items are not very large.
  • There is no integrated projector mount.


  • Valence for darkness.
  • Added side-nets for safety.
  • Ceiling mount for projector.

Store Links:


    The Best 10’ Hitting Bay: Majestic Series 10

    The Majestic Hitting Bay 10 provides a premium golf simulation experience at a fraction of the cost of larger hitting bays. This Majestic hitting bay includes a heavy-duty, impact-resistant, and noise-reducing polyester screen that offers outstanding image quality and sharpness. All of the materials are rated to be able to withstand thousands of golf ball strikes at up to 250 mph!

    Majestic Hitting Bay


    • Great combination of size and versatility.
    • Projection properly fills the screen.
    • Black nylon walls for protection and better image quality.
    • Independently tested. You can view those tests here.


    • No integrated projector mount built-in.
    • You will need to stand a little farther back from the screen.


    • Side nets.
    • Foam inserts.
    • Ceiling mount for projector.

    Store Links:



    Ready for Your Own Hitting Bay?

    This short article should have allowed you to see that just because you don’t have a lot of space, that doesn’t mean you cannot get an excellent hitting bay for your golf simulator. Each item on this list is a fantastic piece of gear that is sure to be a tremendous addition to your golf simulation setup. If you have any questions or concerns about hitting bays, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff.


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