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Why More Building Owners are Putting Golf Simulators in Shared Spaces

For many, golf simulators are still large, bulky, and cumbersome items that offer only a limited selection of entertainment options that will only apply to the most enthusiastic golf players. The truth, however, is that a modern golf simulator can be very sleek, easy to use, and will offer a vast variety of gaming options that appeal to members of the whole family, as well as still offering serious golfers options to practice and improve their game.


A growing number of residential buildings are choosing to place golf simulators in shared recreational rooms. This includes some of the most well-known high-rise buildings in New York and thousands of small-town complexes throughout middle America.


But why are so many property owners putting golf simulators into their building's shared spaces? In this post, we will break down the many benefits that golf simulators offer and why they are highly congruous with those looking to maximize the value of their property and desiring a higher-end clientele.


Why More Property Owners are Choosing Golf Simulators for their Shared Spaces

The truth is that golf simulators offer more than one significant benefit to property owners. We will briefly cover the primary reasons that you are seeing golf simulators appear more often in the shared spaces of condos and other residential buildings.



Better for Attracting Residents than a Standard Entertainment System


In today's market, most building owners will need to supply some form of entertainment system just to keep up with the competition and offering these types of amenities has become pretty standard. Spending large amounts of money on game systems or movie rooms (that also quickly become outdated) just simply doesn’t offer owners the same return on their investments that it once did. On the other hand, golf simulators provide unique features that can be used to differentiate a building from many others in the area.


It is worth noting that the screens and projectors most golf simulators utilize can also be turned into large movie screens for films or gaming needs. In many ways, a golf simulator is also a versatile big-screen television when needed. You just need to be selective about the projector your set-up utilizes.



Buildings Owners Love The SkyTrak Retractable Simulator Package

SkyTrak offers a realistic golf practice and play system and is compatible with many different software packages, such as the E6 CONNECT, which offers highly interactive online communities, mini-games, skills challenges, training help, and more. Of course, there are also simple games for all ages. You can use the Skytrak simulator to kill zombies and play soccer, football, darts, and carnival games.  
Skytrak also lets you play Fitness golf! Residents love this awesome hybrid of course play and fitness that can be used along with treadmills, aerobic bikes, and other types of equipment. There is a huge range of benefits this technology offers.





Golf Simulators are Both Relaxing and a Workout

Golf simulators offer residents an activity that allows them to unwind and take their minds off of work. Playing a significant amount of time on a hitting range simulation can also be a fantastic workout. If you can adequately soundproof the room and place it away from sleeping spaces, this can also be an activity available to residents through the night.


A golf simulator is a perfect option for residents who don’t enjoy weights but desire an activity that can burn some calories.



Great for Building Community

For building owners looking to build a feeling of community, something that helps to both attract and retain residents (as well as boosting overall satisfaction), arranging fun communal events is an essential activity. Many buildings, or residents within buildings, will use the software on the golf simulators to organize all types of golfing contests. Finding out who has the longest drive, or which couple makes for the best team can be the perfect avenue for creating a sense of community.


Many of the software options that golf simulators offer allow for multiple player events and for the organization of exciting tournaments across world-famous courses.


Also worth noting:

  • A golf simulator system is also great for families. The various golfing game options, or simply the large projector screens, can be used to entertain children for a couple of hours when needed.


  • You can use many of the devices used in a golf simulator to run other types of simulator software, such as soccer or football. With the proper planning, you can create a device that actively appeals to the top sports at every age.


  • With the right software, you can easily use the set-up also to host business meetings, trivia nights, karaoke, and more.


Residents Interested in Golf Will Simply Love it.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you will attract those who love golf. The fact a simulator lets you practice at any time, no matter the weather outside is a massive benefit for those looking to improve their game seriously.  This is ideal for avid players and those looking to get into the game. These are often the types of higher-earning residents that building owners look for.


Ready to Try a Golf Simulator for Yourself?

Hopefully, this article has allowed you to see just why golf simulators have become so popular these days and why you, too, may want to add one to the shared communal space of your building. Of course, there will never be a true substitute for the unique pleasure that comes from playing out on a well-maintained course, but a golf simulator provides a fantastic series of features and benefits for families and serious enthusiasts.


Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help you find the perfect golf simulator for your building. Simply contact us today!


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