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Why Home Golf Simulators are Great for Beginners - Simply Golf Simulators

Why Home Golf Simulators are Great for Beginners

At Simply Golf Simulators, we get plenty of questions about all kinds of golf simulator-related issues. Some are more complex questions like which launch monitors are best for working the short-game, while others are more related to tech specifications, like the minimum space requirements for a SkyTrak. Of course, we are always happy to answer these types of questions in quick exchanges through our support staff.


However, one question that we are often asked, and that requires a few more than a few lines to answer, is "Are Golf Simulators Good for Beginners?" In this article, we will answer that question fully. As the title may have given away, we will explain why beginners (and golf enthusiasts of all levels) can benefit from a good golf simulator.


Why are Golf Simulators Good for Beginners?

Simply put, golf simulators are a worthwhile investment for any golf enthusiast, no matter their current level or skill. A good simulator is a powerful tool for narrowing in on and hammering out the flaws in your game while also being an incredibly fun piece of entertainment capable of all types of games, challenges, and contests. Of course, there is a lot of overlap between these two purposes as well. High-level players can refine their swing on some of the world's most famous courses, beautifully rendered in great detail. At the same time, beginners will be able to grasp the basics in a wide series of skill challenges that help refine and focus on specific aspects of the game.


Of course, exactly what games and courses you will have at your disposal will come down to the simulator you ultimately choose (one reason why we provide so many guides on the topic), but suffice to say, any good golf simulator you buy today will be offering you a wide range of options for fun and improvement. For beginners, you want to focus on those simulators that give you a very realistic feel, as well as a profound series of data points regarding your swing; this will ensure you have everything you need to make dramatic improvements given enough practice.


3 Ways a Golf Simulator Can Help Improve Your Game


The following are three benefits of a golf simulator that will help beginners quickly make considerable strides in their game.


Practice Year-Round and On Your Schedule

For those who play golf, there are only a few locations around the world where you can play viably year-round on an entire outdoor course. Any limit on the time you are on the course can set you back significantly, especially when your free time may already be precious, and noticeable improvement on the course takes a good amount of practice time. At the same time, simply hitting a ball into a net without any feedback can lead you to develop bad habits.


A good golf simulator allows you to stay on top of your game and get honest feedback on the quality of your strokes year-round. This will allow you to continue to make strides in your game and to apply immediately and make permanent the lessons you learn. No longer will you identify a flaw, and then spend three months dwelling on it, hoping for the chance to make improvements. With a golf simulator, you can practice daily, no matter how busy your day gets or how bad the weather gets.


Use Data-Driven Results to Better Guide Your Practice

Those new to golf often have issues getting their swing down and being consistent with it. It is not rare for beginners to have issues hooking or slicing their shots. Even seasoned pros can struggle with consistency when it comes to the swing. The main problem for those new to the game is understanding why your shots are doing what they are doing. While pros may not always be consistent, they have often learned where their mistakes stem from. These tools allow you to see where your swing is going wrong, why, and how you can improve this aspect of your golf game without needing a coach standing by your side.


This also goes for leveraging the data to know the ins and outs of how you and your club work. You will be able to measure your distance with each club better and ensure that you have no considerable gaps in your set and good options for all types of situations.


Link Directly with Teachers, Coaches, and Pros.

As we touched on in the last point, beginners often need the help of a coach to let them know where and how to improve. Of course, you cannot always pay or make time for a top coach, which is why launch monitors and golf simulators are so suitable for beginners. Being able to use data to guide your practice will ensure you are not building up bad habits.



Most setups can link directly up to your cell phones with advanced apps and access to networks of advisors, teachers, coaches, and pros.


There are a ton of portable and affordable launch monitors on the market that are perfect for this type of coaching usage. Options like the SkyTrak Launch Monitor or the Launch Pro, can offer nearly as much data as the $20,000 equivalents the professionals use. Joe Hallett, a GOLF Top 100 instructor, uses a SkyTrak. Hallett uses the launch monitor in his lessons to help train players hit specific distances consistently under various conditions.


Ready to Try a Golf simulator for Yourself?

Hopefully, this article has allowed you to see just why golf simulators have become so popular these days and how you, too, may be able to improve your golf game with the addition of one in your home. Of course, there will never be a true substitute for the unique pleasure that comes from playing out on a well-maintained course, but a golf simulator provides an amazing series of features and benefits that can help you better analyze your swing, improve your game, and get in a bit of golf no matter how hectic the day may get. So, are you ready to try a golf simulator for yourself?


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