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The Best High-Tech Devices for Playing Golf - Simply Golf Simulators

The Best High-Tech Devices for Playing Golf

With the warmer months rolling in, people are heading back out onto the courses in greater and greater numbers. Along with these new golfers, there is an increasing number of sophisticated technological devices such as rangefinders and GPS now being seen on the course regularly. This makes sense; we live in a more technologically advanced era than we did in years prior, and this tech was bound to become commonplace eventually.


Something many senior golfers didn't expect, however, is just how much they too, would take to these devices. As set as some people are in their ways, it is a rare golfer indeed who looks at the personalized features of something like the SkyCaddie SX550 and isn't at least a little impressed.


The truth is that the technology has gotten to the point where a small and relatively inexpensive watch or handheld device can provide you with a completely new and complex playing experience and can help you to improve your game and understand the courses you play better.


In this article, we will briefly go over some of the most exciting and popular devices that golfers are taking with them out on the course this summer.



The Best High-Tech Devices for Playing Golf

This is a basic rundown of the most common and effective tech devices you will find on today's golf courses. We have also included links to some great examples of these types of products.


Of course, the term "best" is subjective, but these products are all great purchases at their current price points and are greatly beloved by those who buy them. Each one of these items is highly recommended.


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GPS Handhelds for Golf

As a golfer improves, they begin to realize the importance of course management. When you have a detailed knowledge of the yardage for critical locations all over the course, you can start to make smarter decisions and see your game improve. GPS handhelds give you a small device that allows you to see just that, with high-quality maps and views that allow you to know exactly where to play.


One of the best examples of a GPS handheld for playing golf is the SkyCaddie SX550. This 5.5" LCD touch screen gives you very clear pictures and is responsive enough to not get frustrating out on the course. The SkyCadddie allows you to look at over 35,000 "ground-verified error-corrected maps' 'where you can get precise distances. Between all points. You will never have to guess when it comes to club choice again.


One of the best features in devices like the SKyCaddie series is the ability to track shot history with the club, distance, and results allowing you to get long-term feedback about your game and tendencies.


GPS Watches for Golf

GPS watches are very similar to GPS handhelds in terms of functionality; however, there are a few key differences. GPS watches are a bit more convenient than lugging around a separate device in your pocket; however, the watches have smaller screens and may be more challenging to interact with. Ultimately which type of GPS device you prefer will be a personal preference.


Within the realm of GPS watches, there is also a bit of a choice to make. The T8 Golf GPS Watch is a highly advanced, premium smart golf GPS watch that offers a huge array of options such as a color touchscreen, accurate course yardages, and advanced features such as slope calculation, heat mapped green undulation, and an in-depth putt view as well as many other features. Alternatively, there is the less expensive G3 Hybrid Golf GPS Watch, that while lacking some features provided by the T8, still gives golfers a massive advantage with info on green shape, automatic hole recognition, innovative scoring, and fitness features.


Laser Rangefinder for Golfers

All laser rangefinders work by directing a beam at a target and then calculating the distance from you to where the beam is interrupted. These devices are straightforward and easy to use and can be invaluable for improving your on-course skills. For aging golfers with bad eyes, or newer players without a lot of experience on the course, playing all of your shots by eye can be a real challenge. Many golfers find that when they switch to a rangefinder, they quickly see where they had been making incorrect assumptions and regular mistakes. Even a slight improvement to club selection can make a big difference over time when it comes to consistency. More advanced options will have added features for finding the green, hazards, layup positions, and even the distance to other golfers.


The Sureshot PINLOC 6000iPSM is one of the best rangefinders for golfers to ever exist. This advanced rangefinder provides information on slope, distance and has unique pulse technology (it will vibrate the laser once you are locked on to your desired target for increased accuracy). The slope feature even has built-in options that allow it to compensate and adjust the distances based on the incline and decline of the terrain in question, so you can get incredibly accurate ranges for every type of shot.


Looking to Add Some Sophistication to Your Golf Game?

Technology is advancing, and you now have a ton of options for devices that help you understand and improve your style of play. While no technology can ever hit the ball for you, with a few additional pieces of tech, you will be able to know precisely how consistent and accurate your shots are in all types of situations, and this could be essential to you breaking through whatever plateau your game is currently on.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand some of the more common options that exist when it comes to new golf tech for a day on the course. If you want to learn more about these types of subjects or are looking to make a purchase, Simply Golf Simulators is your number one guide.


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