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The Best Golf Simulators That Will Fit in Your Garage - Simply Golf Simulators

The Best Golf Simulators That Will Fit in Your Garage

Are you looking for a way to practice your golf game without having to leave home? If so, you, like many, may have considered that setting up a golf simulator in your garage might be the answer.


With today's busy schedules, it can be hard to carve out time for leisurely activities. But with the help of a golf simulator, you don't have to worry about finding the time and driving long distances just to sneak in a few swings. With the right simulator, you have the ability to play golf right inside your own home — so there is no need for trips across town!


However, finding space for a full golf simulator can be a balancing act between convenience and maximized space. For many, the garage seems to be the perfect compromise, though the viability of this option may depend on both the garage and the simulator in question.



Will a golf simulator fit in my garage?


In this article, we are going to go over the basic size requirements of your popular golf simulators and compare them to the average sizes of a one-car and two-garage.

Will a Golf Simulator Fit in Your Garage?

We get asked a lot, "Will a golf simulator fit in my garage?" Of course, the answer quite simply depends on the size of your garage.


The Average Size for a One-Car Garage in the USA is 12' wide and 22' deep. The minimum you will need for most golf simulators is 10'x10'; however, the most important factor will be the ceiling height.


The average ceiling height for a garage will vary by around eight feet in most cases. Most golf simulators will recommend a ceiling height of at least 10', though a ceiling as low as 8.5' may be acceptable in some cases. 


Simply put, you will need to go into your garage and see if it is possible for you to make a full golf swing safely. If you are able to properly swing the golf club without coming near anything above you, you should be good to go (however, a taller friend or family member may have an issue if you are cutting it close).


The Average Size for a Two-Car Garage in the USA is 20' wide and 22' deep. Most golf simulators will not have an issue fitting into this size of garage. The main issue you may encounter here would still be the ceiling height, which should also be around 8-10 feet tall.


So, with a compact and efficient golf simulator setup and enough ceiling room, you can definitely fit a full golf simulator into your garage. Not only will this provide you with the convenience of playing golf right at home, but it may also save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


What Are the Best Golf Simulators For Your Garage?

Now that we know the size requirements for a golf simulator in your garage, let’s look at some of the best models on the market.


The OptiShot Golf Simulator Options

The Optishot is a famous golf simulator line, and many of the packages available are perfect for small spaces and one-car garages. The Golf in a Box (GIAB) series allows you to play a full simulation with minimal equipment. The GIAB options have the launch monitor built into the hitting mat, saving the need for the several feet of space between a monitor camera and the golfer that some launch monitors require.

There is also the option for the retractable setup, where the retractable screen allows you to project a simulation without taking up permanent space. All in all, when looking for space-saving options while not cutting corners in terms of simulation quality, you need to begin with Optishot.



SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages

If you have a little more room to spare, you will want to look into the SkyTrak simulator packages. These golf simulators feature compact space-saving designs yet provide incredible simulation experiences, making them perfect for small garages. The SkyTrak options include a launch monitor, mat, and projector screens, along with the World Golf Tour (WGT) Software (For iOS) that provides an incredibly realistic gaming experience.

The SkyTrak simulator packages also come with an array of game modes, from stroke play to match play, allowing you to choose how you want to play. With realistic ball flight tracking and a vibrant screen display.


The SkyTrak retractable simulator package gives you a screen that quickly and easily tucks away when the garage is in use or can be pulled down to double as a screen for an entertainment system. This is a great way to get the most out of your garage and make sure that you are taking advantage of all available space.



The VISTA 8 Golf Simulator Package

This package uses a combination of TruGolf's TruTrack 2 tracking system, which captures using three rows of optical sensors that measure your club path and clubface angle during impact. This gives you incredibly accurate feedback on your club path and clubface angle during impact.


After each shot, users are provided with a readout of Swing Data, including Club Head Speed, Club Path, Club Face Angle, Ball Speed, Back Spin, Carry, and Total Distance.

The accompanying software, E6 CONNECT, gives you a ton of real-world courses rendered in high-definition graphics. There are also other exciting games that kids and the family can play together. You may also compete in head-to-head online competitions!


This is the most affordable and compact option from the Vista Series, needing 9' W x 12' D x 8 H. So, it may just fit inside of your garage.


Ready to Try a Golf Simulator for Yourself?

A golf simulator provides a unique series of features and benefits that can help you better analyze your swing, improve your game, and get in a bit of golf, no matter how hectic the day may get. With the right purchase and a decently sized garage, you can even do so without crowding your living spaces. So, are you ready to try a golf simulator for yourself?


Looking for the top golf simulators? Browse our complete collection of Golf Simulators today! Want to learn more about golf simulators first? Check out our other helpful guides:

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