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The Best Golf Simulators for Your Man Cave - Simply Golf Simulators

The Best Golf Simulators for Your Man Cave

The Man Cave is your last refuge from the world, a space where you can enjoy your favorite activities in peace. The problem, however, is that many of your favorite activities may require a little more space than a 'cave' can supply. Luckily, for those who enjoy golf, we live in a golden age of simulation technology. It is now easier than ever to fit highly sophisticated golf simulators into relatively small spaces. Some of these golf simulations are so good that you may never leave your cave again should you get them.


The issue many have, though, is that finding the proper simulator for your man cave is easier said than done. You have to account for the room's space, purpose, and layout and choose your golf simulator appropriately.


In this article, we will highlight two simulator options that are perfect for almost any man cave and then go into some general tips and concerns when choosing a simulator for your man cave or den.


The Top Golf Simulators for Any Man Cave

The following options will be great for almost any man cave or den out there.


The Skytrak Simulator Series

The Skytrak simulator series is a range of simulator options (generally separated based on space they require) that are all backed by the powerful SkyTrak Launch Monitor. These launch monitors (and their supporting items) are amongst the best-selling in the country due to the fact they sit at the perfect intersection of quality and affordability. The next step up in quality is minimal and several thousands of dollars more. The Skytrak Golf simulators also take up relatively small space and are great for setups in less spacious rooms (like a 'cave').


The Skytrak Home SImulator package will be the best version for most homeowners, needing only a little more than the space required to swing and set up a net. Generally, a 12'x16' room is recommended (with the height being up to the individual golfer) though people have gotten away with significantly less room. You just need to be realistic about the space required and how you want the room to function.


Notable Benefits of this Package

  • The Net Return Home Series V2 Golf and Multi-Sport Net in the package can be used for multiple sports, such as soccer and can easily be moved to the backyard if desired.
  • The 5-Star Eagle Golf Mats offer an incredible realistic grass feel.
  • The Optoma EH200ST offers 1080p resolution graphics and can be used to also play your favorite movies and shows with the proper software.
  • The World Golf Tour (WGT), E6 Connect, and FItness golf options allow you to entertain friends and family or work on improving your game on top courses (or create your own). Invite everyone over for a longest drive competition to christen the new setup!


The SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package is an excellent option if you want a screen that you can quickly move out of the way. The HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 gives you a bit more flexibility if not a more durable hitting screen with ballistic grade materials. This screen allows you to create a three-sided (topped) enclosure, and it can be projected on directly. The screen can be extended to create an almost 14ft projectable area, so a 16:9 projector can allow you to make the ultimate entertainment system.


The Optishot Golf in a Box Series

The Optishot Golf in a Box Series gives you everything you need to set up a golf simulation without needing any special tools or supplies. This is an award-winning system with various levels. Some options allow you to forgo the projector and screen so that you only need the net and hitting mat (and the simulation is put onto a computer or mobile device). The larger options use the same great hitting mat set up but have a full projection and screen.


The OptiShot2, which supports these simulation packages, operates through sixteen precisely-tuned 48MHz sensors built into the hitting pad, so it takes up minimal space while giving you huge amounts of precise and instant feedback on every shot.


The OptiShot software gives you a wide variety of training and entertainment options. It allows you to play on many realistically simulated world-renowned courses, including Long Island Black (Bethpage Black Course) and The Canadian Club (St. George's Golf and Country Club). Have up to 4 players playing on the same course simultaneously.


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How to Choose the Best Golf Simulator for Your Man Cave

A golf simulator is made up of several pieces, each of which needs to be evaluated for your space and wants. The launch monitor, software, hitting bay, projector, and more all need to sync with each other and your room. This is why we typically suggest you go for our all-in-one packages. At that point, the only thing you need to pay very close attention to is the space you have at hand.


How Much Space Do I Need?

Make sure that there is enough room to swing the club, plus another foot or more to accommodate your taller friends. For the smaller simulation setups, you will still need at least 10'W x 10'L and enough room to swing a club. For the more extensive displays (the ones needing projectors), you will need around an extra 5’-8' in length.


Doubling the Simulator as a Home Theater

A big benefit to getting a golf simulator with the right projector and screen is that these pieces can also double as a great home entertainment system, giving you a giant display screen for movies, television, and games. With a few couches and a sound system, your room will have everything you need for a full day of playing golf, followed by a chill movie night.


Indoor Putting Greens are a Good Alternative to Full Golf Simulators

Another option for those who do not have the room for a full simulator or want something that can be more easily stored is indoor putting greens. These greens range from semi-permanent modular installations to smaller and easy to put away putting green floor rugs. Shop Indoor putting greens here.


Ready to Try a Golf simulator for Yourself?

A golf simulator provides a unique series of features and benefits that can help you better analyze your swing, improve your game, and get in a bit of golf no matter how hectic the day may get. So, are you ready to try a golf simulator for yourself?


Looking for the top golf simulators? Browse our complete collection of Golf Simulators today! Want to learn more about golf simulators first? Check out our other helpful guides:

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