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The Best Golf Simulators for Under $6,000 - Simply Golf Simulators

The Best Golf Simulators for Under $6,000

For a long time, golf simulators were solely the purview of professional players or those with substantial sums of extra money to spend. However, those days are long behind us. Today, even incredibly realistic and comprehensive simulator systems can be purchased at very affordable prices.


While there are undoubtedly lower-cost options, those simulators that you can find at around six thousand dollars tend to be at the perfect crossroads of value and quality with today's technology. To emphasize that point, we wanted to spend some time and focus on the packages that can give homeowners an entirely realistic simulation experience for less than 6k!


In This Guide, We Cover:

  1. The OptiShot Sim 12
  2. The SkyTrak Majestic 8
  3. The ES Tour Majestic 8


The Best Golf Simulators for Under $6,000

These are best-selling and highest-rated golf simulators for under six thousand dollars!


OptiShot Sim 12 Golf Simulator Package

The OptiShot Sim 12 Golf Simulator Package lies at perhaps the perfect crossroads of value and incredible quality. For less than six thousand dollars, you are getting one of the most complete and beloved simulator packages on the market.


Main Package Items:

  • OptiShot2 Simulator and OptiShot Golf Mat
  • The Net Return™ Simulator Series 12
  • Choice of Projector


This package's core is the award-winning OptiShot Sim 12 Golf Simulator. This simulator results from years of diligent research and feedback from homeowners and pros alike. You get detailed and immediate feedback on every shot you make with the Optishot 12 since sixteen sophisticated high-speed infrared sensors track your swing. The simulator program allows you to play on fifteen included real world-renowned courses with up to four players!


The OptiShot Sim 12 simulation is the perfect option for golfers of all skill levels who want a way to have fun and improve their game from the comfort of their own homes.


The included Optishot Golf Mat is made of high-quality turf and gives you a tremendous lifelike golf feel. The mat is also made to work with the simulator, and they fit together snugly.


The Net Return™ Simulator Series 12 net and screen are designed to work inside the home and synergize perfectly with the Optishot range of products (though it can be used with an extensive array of simulator options). The screen can also function as a general entertainment centerpiece and can be used to watch your favorite movies or sporting events.

SkyTrak Majestic 8 Simulator Package

Our second option on our list of best golf simulators under six thousand dollars is the SkyTrak Majestic 8 Simulator Package. This is the best-selling package on the market today and also gives you all the items you need for a full high-quality at-home golf simulator experience.


Main Package Items:

  • SkyTrak Simulator and Launch Monitor
  • Majestic Hitting Bay 8
  • Choice of Premium Eagle Golf Mats
  • Choice of Projectors
  • 1 Year Subscription to World Golf Tour (WGT)


The portable launch monitor connects wirelessly to your iPad or PC and gives you feedback on the shot angle, spin rate, distance, and other data points you can use to improve your game. In fact, The SkyTrak is incredibly accurate (comparisons show it roughly as precise as a Trackman, at much less cost) and requires much less hardware than the more expensive simulation options making it a common sight amongst even pro players.


The system lets you play on virtual driving ranges or connect to one of several golf simulator software setups. The included 1 Year Subscription to World Golf Tour (WGT) is impressive as WGT allows you to play on many world-renowned golf courses "from tee to green." You will want to check your compatible device for the simulator software you plan to use. The E6 Connect is compatible with both iOS and PC. The WGT is only compatible with iOS. The Golf Club 2019 Fitness Golf, ProTee Play, and Golfisimo, are only compatible with PC.


ES Tour Majestic 8 Simulator Package

Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor and Simulator is another fantastic melding of quality and affordability and offers a few variations that set it apart from the previous two options on the list. The Launch Monitor itself uses high speed cameras and quad Doppler radar to give incredibly accurate feedback across 26 data-points including  landing angle, launch angle and direction, hangtime, spin, loft, smash factor, and many more!


Main Package Items:

  • Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor and Simulator
  • Majestic Hitting Bay 8
  • Choice of Premium Eagle Golf Mats and Short Throw Simulator Projectors
  • 1 Year Subscription for E6 Connect Software Basic Content


The included E6 CONNECT is a high-quality and lifelike golf simulation software that works on both PC and iOS and includes courses, games, training tools, and skills challenges. You can play with friends and family or connect with golfers worldwide in real time, peer-to-peer play. You are also able to pair the ES Tour Plus up with the free award-winning ESGOLF App, which allows you to improve your skills on a virtual driving range with features like the color-coded club fitting/comparison tools.


The included Majestic Hitting Bay 8 is a premium screen that offers an incredibly smooth but rigid surface made with three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact-resistant polyester that helps reduce noise, last extremely long, and offers a very crisp image quality. The hitting bay also has nylon walls to help reduce light and keep shots in the simulator area.

Looking for a Golf Simulator?

As you can see, even if you do not want to break the bank, there are plenty of great options when it comes to golf simulator options. If you have enough room to swing a golf club in your home, you can likely find a simulation option that will work for you. In fact, a full golf-simulator experience is incredibly affordable and requires less room than ever before. So, are you ready to try a golf simulator for yourself?


Looking for the top golf simulators? Browse our complete collection of Golf Simulators today! Want to learn more about golf simulators first? Check out our other helpful guides:

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