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The Best Golf Simulator for Your Basement - Simply Golf Simulators

The Best Golf Simulator for Your Basement

There are many reasons you would want to use a basement for a golf simulator setup. A basement offers a place where you can escape from the rest of the home, relax and play a few holes; and even though modern golf simulation setups are quite sleek, basements are also often the only place where homeowners have room to install a full indoor golf simulation.


 In this article, we will briefly go over the primary considerations for a basement-based golf simulator setup, as well as what packages, launch monitors, and hitting bays you will want to take a close look at when buying a simulator for your basement.


How Much Room Do You Need to Put a Golf Simulator in Your Basement?

As we mentioned in the opening, even the sleek modern golf simulator setups still take up a bit of room. No matter what, you will need room to take a full golf swing, for the ball to travel some distance, and for all the required equipment to fit around this activity comfortably.


  • Height:

You will want at least 10’ of height in the basement in order for the taller members of the family to be able to swing the golf club comfortably. This height will also give you more options for where to place the simulator projector. It may be possible in some cases to get away with 8.5-9’ in some cases, but you do not want to push this limit.


  • Width and Length

You will get different numbers here based on the hardware and software you are using, but ideally, you want at least 10’ of width and 16-18’ of length (depth). A general rule for the height, width, and length is that you want to allow for about  12-16 inches of buffer space from whatever may be interacting with that wall.


Since we are talking the basement here, you may need to do less in the way of soundproofing or worrying about wall damage, which in turn can save you some space and need for extra barrier equipment. There is also the advantage that your projector image will not need to be contending with natural light, so you will not need a barrier or screen with extra light shades.



Also worth noting:

  • Photometric launch monitors such as Skytrak options are good for tight spaces since they do not need to take up space behind the one swinging the club. If you use a radar-based launch monitor, like a Trackman or Mevo+, you may not have enough room for it to properly track the flight of the ball.
  • Make sure that your basement is not too damp or prone to water damage. This can be very harmful to the electronics of a golf simulator. Make sure that you don’t have mold in a room you plan to spend a lot of time in.


The Best Golf Simulators for Your Basement


The Launch Pro Simulator Series: Majestic 8 

The Launch Pro Simulator series combines the best of modern technology to create a low-cost golf that rivals what the pros use in terms of functionality and fun. This package combines that all-time favorite Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor with the compact and easy-to-use Majestic Hitting Bay 8, as well as your choice of premium Eagle Golf Mat, projector, and golf software. In one pass, you will have everything you need to put together the perfect simulation in your basement.


The core of this package is the Launch Pro launch monitor, which offers users the same tour-level accuracy found on even the most expensive machines. This launch monitor also offers a wide variety of functionality options, letting you synch it up to your iPhone for extra data and playing options.


The included hitting bay is made with heavy-duty, tight-knit impact-resistant polyester so you can rest easy knowing nothing else in the room is getting damaged -it also does enough to reduce noise that it should be all you need for your basement.


The Skytrak Majestic 8 Simulator Package  

There is perhaps a no better way to both improve your game and entertain your family than with Skytrak. As the naming would suggest, this is a very similar package to the previous one but instead relies on the Skytrak launch monitor rather than the Launch Pro. The Skytrak is a great alternative and is incredibly compact, as well as versatile. You will be able to track your shots as well as many of the top-level options as well as play at some of the world’s top golf courses with the included software.


The eagle golf mats included in each of these packages also provide a great space for hitting the ball so that you do not need to invest in more cumbersome mats or flooring your basement. These mats are made with the ReACTION 3D Fiber System™, so it looks and plays like you were on the real thing.


If you are pushing the boundaries of space, Skytrak will be your best option for maximizing every inch. In fact, you can link it directly to your iPad or phone, so you can forgo the need for a projector and screen if you prefer. Our friendly support staff is happy to discuss with you the wide range of options you have for putting items like this into a basement and really making it work.


Ready to Get a Golf Simulator for Your Basement?

As this brief article should have hopefully demonstrated, a golf simulator is a great way to turn your basement into a fun, shared room that the whole family can enjoy - or alternatively, your escape where you can unwind after a long day. Regardless of your goal for your simulator, this short guide should have helped you to get started on the path to making this dream a reality.


  So, are you ready to try a golf simulator for yourself?


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