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Elevate Your Golf Game with the Apogee Ceiling Mounted Launch Monitor

Elevate Your Golf Game with the Apogee Ceiling Mounted Launch Monitor

In the realm of golf technology, precision and innovation are paramount. TruGolf, renowned for their cutting-edge E6 Connect software, introduces the Apogee Ceiling Mounted Launch Monitor – a game-changer that redefines accuracy and performance in golf simulation. Let's delve into what makes the Apogee stand out and how it can revolutionize your approach to the game.


Unrivaled Accuracy, Unmatched Performance


The Apogee sets the standard for precision among ceiling-mounted launch monitors. Every swing is meticulously measured, capturing multiple data points from both the ball and club with unparalleled accuracy. Thanks to its ultra-high-speed stereoscopic camera system and INSTANT IMPACT image analysis algorithm, the Apogee delivers instant, lag-free simulations that replicate your shots with astonishing precision. Say goodbye to guesswork and approximation – with the Apogee, your in-game ball flight is grounded in authentic, measured data.


Advanced Technology, Seamless Integration


Experience the future of golf technology with the Apogee. This ceiling-mounted marvel utilizes innovative camera-based systems to capture club and ball data without the need for specialized equipment. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of measurement capabilities, including ball speed, backspin, side spin, launch angle, club head speed, club face angle, and more, the Apogee provides invaluable insights to refine your skills and enhance your performance on the course.


Voice Command


Introducing a revolutionary feature, the "Hey Apogee" voice command system enhances the efficiency and ease of your indoor golf experience. With a simple phrase, users gain seamless control over various functions, enabling swift and intuitive interaction with the launch monitor. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to a new era of convenience with the Apogee's advanced voice command capabilities.


Laser Indicator


The Apogee incorporates a versatile laser indicator feature that offers precise guidance on optimal tee placement for accurate readings. This visual aid, toggleable within the Advanced Control Center, ensures that every shot is positioned for optimal performance, providing invaluable assistance in honing your technique and improving your game.


Compact Design, Powerful Performance


Measuring at a sleek 38” (W) x 5 ½” (H) x 8” (D) and weighing approximately 22 lbs, the Apogee combines compact design with robust performance. Whether installed in your home, office, or golf facility, the Apogee seamlessly integrates into your environment, providing professional-grade insights wherever you swing.


Elevate Your Game with Apogee


Transform your golfing experience with the Apogee Ceiling Mounted Launch Monitor. From enhancing your swing mechanics to optimizing your club selection, Apogee empowers you to unlock your full potential on the course. Discover the difference precision makes and elevate your game with Apogee from TruGolf.

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