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Comparing Popular Golf Simulator Hitting Bays

Today, it is not rare to find nearly a dozen variables for each of the separate aspects of a golf simulator (the hitting bay, golf mat, launch monitor, etc.) on sale at a single shop. For this reason, many first-time customers simply choose pre-made packages like the SkyTrak Pro Series. However, finding the best choice for those looking to buy each aspect of the simulator separately can be overwhelming. For this reason, we have put together this and other helpful guides for choosing the best Golf Simulator gear.


As more people discover just how easy and cost-effective it is to bring a full golf simulator into their home and the demand for them grows, the number of simulator options on the market likewise expands. For those looking to buy the best hitting bay on the market, you have a few options that it may be hard to choose from.


Typically, many buyers will choose between the SIG enclosure, the SwingBay, or the Majestic Hitting Bay. In this article, we will break down each of these options and see which buyers may prefer which options and which is the better purchase overall.


Comparing the Top Hitting Bays

These are three of the top hitting bays on the market right now and the three brands that are most often compared by buyers and in places like online forums.


1.    Majestic Hitting Bay

The Majestic Hitting Bay series of hitting bays are designed to offer a realistic, immersive golfing experience. The materials used in the creation of the hitting bay are three layers of heavy-duty impact-resistant polyester which allows for a smooth, crisp projection image and reduces the noise of the ball impact. The materials are tested to withstand thousands of strikes at up to 250 miles per hour.


The hitting bay is made so that the projection fills 100% of the screen, allowing for just that little extra bit of immersion, and the ceiling of the screen ensures the image stays shaded and easy to view. This allows you to fully focus on the game without any outside interference.


The Majestic series can also be augmented with additional items like net extensions, which help extend your barrier reach and can be broken down and set up in as little as 45 minutes.


With outstanding durability, extreme immersion, and military levels of toughness, the Majestic Hitting Bay series has truly earned its place at the top of the hitting bay pecking order.



2.    SIG enclosure

The SIG10 Enclosure is the  SIGPRO Premium Screen combined with a simple setup frame. This is also a solid design that is able to keep the projector at 100% of the screen for better immersion and is rated to withstand shots of up to 250mph. The Sig10 enclosure now also comes with some added features such as extra protective foam padding and easy-to-assemble push pun poles and connectors that make set up and break down more straightforward than ever.


The Sig10 can fit most homes and spaces though you need to be sure you can swing your club comfortably in your desired area, as you may need more than the standard height or width if your swing requires it. The entire enclosure needs 10 feet of width, at least 8.5 feet in height, and roughly 14’ feet of depth. The only usage issue we have found is that using the Sig10 on hard ground like cement can cause excessive bouncing.


As many have found, with the added features, the SIG options have earned a place amongst the very best brands and have proven that they can handle themselves even under intense and regular usage.



3.    SwingBay

The Swingbay is a unique hitting bay that was developed with feedback they were getting from their other offerings. This hitting bay has a heavy-duty screen that also offers a quality image and also has a simple, easy-to-assemble frame system that makes it a bit easier and faster to put up and take down than your average hitting bay.


The SwingBay suits at 9’ high, 12’ wide, and 16’ deep and is built to handle thousands of shots at up to 250 miles per hour. The Commercial-grade polyester reduces external light and fastens using a simple, secure Velcro and bungee system. This makes for a great combination between versatility and efficacy.


Looking to Buy a Hitting Bay?

Hopefully, this article has allowed you to see just why hitting bays have become so popular with homeowners and how you, too, may be able to improve your golfing skills with one in your own home. Of course, there will never be a true substitute for the unique pleasure that comes from playing out on a well-maintained course. Still, a good golf simulator and its components (like a hitting bay) provide a unique series of features and benefits that can help you better analyze your swing, improve your game, and get in a bit of golf no matter how hectic the day may get. So, looking to buy a hitting bay?


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