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Best Home Golf Simulators for 2023 - Simply Golf Simulators

Best Home Golf Simulators for 2023

We all wish we could play more golf than our busy lives allow, but finding the time to play even an executive course can be a real challenge for many of us on most weekends —not to mention the fact that bad weather, pandemics, and a lack of tee time openings can also get in the way. However, with a golf simulator, you can play on your favorite courses at any time of day, in any condition, from the comfort of your own home.


Golf simulators allow you to get in some practice no matter how hectic your life gets, and playing a few holes is a great way to unwind and relax after a busy day.


Golf simulators are an excellent investment for those who love playing golf, but it can be challenging to find the simulator that is just right for your home, needs, and budget. In this article, we’ll review and compare our picks for the best golf simulators in 2023 for golfers of various levels and according to the room available in your home.



In this article:

The Best Golf Simulators for 2023



The Best Golf Simulators for 2023

Let's go over what a simulator is, and which ones are the best options on the market today.


What is included in a home golf simulator?

Before we delve too deep into the best golf simulators for the year, we need to make sure we understand some essential terms and concepts. In order to work, a golf simulator requires:

  • A tracking system, such as a launch monitor that can record the metrics of your shot in real-time.
  • A net or hitting screen that can stop your ball and display your targets and the software
  • A projector for projecting the display onto the screen.
  • The software simulates the shots using the tracking data and displays the results on screen.


You should also make sure you have the appropriate space in your home. You obviously need enough room to hit a golf ball and set up your simulator. A standard recommendation is around 12 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 9 feet high, but this is by no means the universal size required. Many of the simulators on this list are calibrated for a room size much smaller.




The Best Beginner Golf Simulator for 2023

OptiShot Cimarron Golf Simulator Package

The OptiShot Cimarron Simulator Package strikes the perfect balance between affordability and a full golf simulation experience, making the Optishot Cimarron perhaps the most cost-effective golf simulator on the market today. Very few other products can give you so much at such a competitive price. The standard OptiShot Cimarron Golf Simulator Package includes a projector of your choice, a specially designed hitting mat, as well a Cimarron Hitting bay, and the Optishot2 Simulator. This means you have everything you need to start playing complete rounds on an award-winning golf simulator system in the comfort of your own home.


The OptiShot software allows you to play through fifteen world-famous courses via a realistic 3D simulation that simultaneously allows up to four players. There is so much here for such a good price, that the OptiShot Cimarron Simulator Package easily earns our vote for the best starter or beginner golf simulator in 2023.





The Best Portable Golf Simulator

ES Tour Home Series Golf Simulator Package

The ES Tour Home Simulator Package is another highly affordable simulator package that punches well above its weight in terms of what you get for each dollar spent. With the ES Tour Home Simulator Package, you will be getting everything you need for a portable yet immersive golf simulator experience. This is an excellent option if you want to take your simulator with you to a vacation home or a set-up you can quickly put up or takedown to allow a room to serve multiple purposes or to move between locations.


Included in this package are The Net Return Home Series Valence, simulator screen, and multi-sport net, as well as your choice of Eagle golf mats and simulator projectors. The heart of the simulation is the Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor and Simulator and the complimentary 1-year subscription to the E6 Connect Software Basic Content.


The E6 Connect software is highly sophisticated and provides a customizable golf experience, including driving range lessons, league competitions, and online events. You can also pair the software up with the free award-winning ESGOLF App, which allows you to compare various clubs in a side-by-side comparison.


We are only scratching the surface of what is available with the ES Tour Home Simulator Package. This is a fantastic quality simulator that is highly portable and can be purchased at a great price; this is why the ES Tour Home Simulator Package wins our award for the best portable golf simulator.




The Top 10’ Width Golf Simulator for 2023

SkyTrack Majestic 10 Golf Simulator Package

The SkyTrak Majestic 10 is another option from the incredibly popular SkyTrak series, this time sitting at a more significant 10’ width allowing for greater immersion and display options. Like the 8’ option, the SkyTrak Majestic 10 wirelessly connects to compatible devices, and displays shot data and ball flight visual feedback as soon as you hit the ball, as well as giving you a beautiful graphical display. This software also allows you to play a full 18 holes on WGT world-renowned golf courses.


The 10’ options is a solid middle ground between the smaller and the larger screen options while still painting the same incredible quality.




The Top 12’ Width Golf Simulator

ProTee Majestic 12 Golf Simulator Package

The ProTee Majestic 12 simulator package is a fantastic golf simulator that combines incredibly accurate hardware with intuitive and well-designed software. The simulation shows off impressive graphics as it follows the ball’s trajectory. You can then go into a detailed swing analyzer info giving you all the data you need to make meaningful improvements to your game. The highlights here are the dual tracking systems and the ability to play on 150,000+ pre-designed courses in online play, meaning you never have to play the same course twice.


If you have the space to dedicate to a golf simulator, the ProTee Majestic 12 is the best choice on the market for homeowners. You will get the same tools as the pros, including sophisticated shot data geared around improving your game. Take a look at the store page to see the complete list of impressive features this simulator offers.





Best Golf Simulator for a Multipurpose Room

SkyTrack Retractable Golf Simulator Package

This is another SkyTrak package with all of the same benefits; however, this option is better suited to a multipurpose room, with the unique Homecourse® Golf Pro Screen 180.


The HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 is a retractable golf screen and enclosure that is strong enough to deal with the impact of a live golf ball (and netting to keep shots from going stray) but can still be easily folded up to save space when you are not hitting balls. Tap the wireless remote, and in less than thirty seconds, the screen will be folded up, and you will have your standard room back. The secret is in the unique flexing design and the ballistic-grade material used in its construction.


If the other SkyTrak packages sound like they are suited to your needs, but you want something that can be easily stored for a multipurpose room, then the best option you have is the SkyTrak Retractable Simulator Package.




The Best Commercial Grade Golf Simulator

Vista 12 Pro Golf Simulator

The Vista 12 Pro Model is the best synergy between great pricing and professional-grade simulations that you will find. The package is also complete with an immersive widescreen with a lightweight aluminum frame, HD 1080p projector, portable speakers, and the expanded E6 connect subscription for two years. The E6 software lets you play on real-world courses with high-definition graphics, online competitions, skill challenges, and peer-to-peer matches.


With the Vista 12 package, you will also be using the sophisticated TruGolf’s TruTrack 2 tracking system,  which accurately captures ball and club data allowing you to play like you would on an actual course and get detailed feedback geared towards improving your game.


If you want to play like the pros from anywhere in the world, the Vista 12 Pro Model package is perfect for you. 



Ready for a Golf Simulator?

Now that you have seen the wide selection of great products available out there today, is it time to get one for yourself? At Simply Golf Simulators, we carry the absolute best simulators and offer you tons of financing and price-matching options, so you know you are getting a great deal.


So, are you ready to try a golf simulator for yourself?

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