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A Guide to Practicing with an Indoor Home Putting Green - Simply Golf Simulators

A Guide to Practicing with an Indoor Home Putting Green

Imagine having the luxury of practicing your putting skills without leaving the comfort of your home, regardless of the weather outside. With an indoor home putting green, this dream becomes a reality. Not only is it a beautiful addition to your indoor space, but it's also a valuable training tool. In this blog post, we'll explore effective ways to make the most of your indoor home putting green.

1.      Warm Up Strategically

Start your practice session by warming up effectively. Begin with some light putting from short distances to acquaint yourself with the green's speed and nuances. This initial warm-up helps you gauge your touch and build early confidence.

2.      Set Concrete Objectives

For each practice session, establish clear goals. Are you focusing on distance control, alignment, or reading greens? Having precise objectives makes your practice more targeted and productive.

3.      Vary Your Putting Distances

A well-rounded putting game involves precision at various distances. Practice short putts (within 3 feet) for accuracy and to boost your confidence. Gradually progress to medium-range putts (5-15 feet) to refine your touch and read the breaks. Don't neglect long-range putts (beyond 15 feet) to develop your lag putting skills.

4.      Perfect Your Alignment

Accurate alignment is a fundamental aspect of successful putting. Utilize alignment sticks or strings on the indoor green to assist in squaring up your stance and aligning your putterface correctly. Dedicate time to practicing this essential element consistently.

5.      Incorporate Targets and Markers

Position alignment aids, tees, or small targets (like coins) on the green to establish reference points. These markers help you visualize your target and improve your aim. During practice, aim at these markers to enhance your precision.

6.      Practice from Different Lies and Slopes

If your indoor home putting green permits, practice putts from various lies and slopes. This versatility equips you to handle different course conditions. Experiment with uphill, downhill, and sidehill putts to enhance your adaptability.

7.      Develop a Pre-Putting Routine

Establish a pre-putting routine that you follow before every putt. This routine fosters consistency in your setup and stroke. Elements of your routine could include visualization, practice swings, or a specific number of looks at the hole before putting.

8.      Record Your Practice Sessions

Recording your practice sessions can provide invaluable insights. Use your smartphone or camera to capture your putting strokes. Reviewing the footage can reveal flaws in your technique, such as clubface angle or stroke path, and enable you to make necessary adjustments.

9.      Simulate Real-Game Conditions

To prepare for actual play, simulate real-game conditions. Challenge yourself by playing putting games like "Horse" or "Around the World" with friends or family. Injecting an element of competition and pressure helps cultivate mental toughness.

10. Maintain Your Indoor Green

Routine maintenance of your indoor home putting green is vital. Regularly groom the surface, whether it's synthetic turf or carpet, and ensure that it accurately mimics the conditions of your favorite golf course. Consistency in the green's surface is key for effective practice.

Mastering the Greens

An indoor home putting green is a game-changer for improving your short game. By following these practice guidelines, you can harness the full potential of your indoor green and elevate your putting skills to new heights. Remember that dedication and a structured approach to practice are essential for improvement. So, step onto your indoor putting green, embrace the convenience it offers, and watch your golfing prowess flourish, rain or shine.


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