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A Golf Simulator Can Boost Office Morale - Simply Golf Simulators

A Golf Simulator Can Boost Office Morale

The modern office space is rapidly changing to keep pace with advances in technology, new modes of work, and the expectations of employees. Today's work spaces are more shared, and conducive to creating an air of collaboration and team-building.


One essential aspect of these modern break rooms are items, games, and seating arrangements that help employees to better relax during their break time, and which emphasize bonding between employees during these breaks. These spaces allow workers to recharge faster,  better, and allows them to build relationships more effectively with one another.


An effective trick to spicing up the break room and boosting its efficacy is to make it focused around fun and relaxation (small cooking spaces are common solutions).


As time goes on and new methods are tried, we are finding that perhaps one of the best ways to refocus the brain, link your physical and mental state, enhance concentration, and play with one another, is through an in-office golf simulator.


Why Put a Golf Simulator in the Office?

Anyone who has played golf understands its unique ability to focus your brain away from the issues of the day and onto the task at hand. Golf is challenging in a  way that requires you to concentrate, but fun in a way that will not burn you out. It's also moderately physical without being prone to injuries or missteps. In many ways it is the perfect game to help employees refresh and recharge. The issue, however, is that a typical golf course accounts for something like 150 acres, a bit bigger than your average office floor plan. This is where the modern golf simulators come in.


Modern golf simulators come in all types of sizes and designs, and each brand has their own unique twist on many of the features and accessories. When you are able to find the right one for your office, you will be able to leverage it for a wide array of benefits.


Team Building and Motivation

Many of the better simulators allow you to have multiple players switching off, and others will let pliers compare the best scores on various holes. Unlike passive options, like watching a sports game, a golf simulator allows employees to interact, push themselves, and bond over something unique.



Small Footprint with Big Effects

The right golf simulator can be designed to take up a relatively small space (or to be put away easily) and can quickly transform wasted empty space into a high-value break area. By taking the time to maximize the employee space around fun and comfort, You will show your employees that you value their time and happiness, and the work you get back in productivity should help easily justify such a purchase.


You will be surprised at how much space a normal full entertainment system permanently takes up when compared to a modular simulator system.


You can even hold small competitions between office teams to help build a sense of team spirit and togetherness. You can even program some simulators for Olympic or group training sessions.


Which Golf Simulators are Best for Your Office?

There is no simple answer to this question, as there is no standard size for an office break room. The simulator that is best for your needs will be the one that makes best use of the space available, while still maintaining a sense of comfort and breathability for those in the area. To help you out we have listed a few very popular options, each one is a different size and each one is designed to form into a room differently.


The Top Commercial Grade Simulator

The Vista 12 Pro Model is the perfect combination and meeting point between quality and affordable pricing. If you have the space, this will be the ultimate simulation package with an immersive wide screen set-up on an aluminum frame. The picture is projected by a high-quality 1080p projector and portable speakers. All of the hardware is backed by the award winning E6 connect software, so you are able to play on digitized versions of many world-famous golf courses.


The ball flight and trajectory are tracked by  TruGolf’s TruTrack 2 tracking system, which accurately captures ball and club data to the same accuracy that the pros are using on their set-ups.


If you have the space, and you want to treat your employees to something truly unique and special, the Vista 12 is the perfect model.


The Best Simulator for a Multi-purpose Room

This SkyTrak package is perfectly suited to a room that you want to have multiple purposes for, with the unique Homecourse® Golf Pro Screen 180 that allows you to quickly retract the screen and enclosure and free the room up for something else. When unfolded this screen offers a full range of protection and a projectable surface that allows for a clear picture. The screen/projector could also be used to display items for a business meeting if needed. The wireless remote allows you to put away or open the screen in seconds.


The other items in this set, (such as the launch monitor) are tried and true simulation items that have found audiences all over the country.


The Best Budget Golf Simulator Setup

The OptiShot Cimarron Simulator Package is designed to sit at the perfect crossroads of value, versatility, and simulation experience. This is an incredibly cost-effective simulator with a number of easy-to-store and easy-to-setup pieces that will allow you to turn a space into a simulation area and back again in minutes.


play through fifteen world-famous courses via a realistic 3D simulation that simultaneously allows up to four players.


This setup comes with  a projector of your choice, a specially designed hitting mat, as well a Cimarron Hitting bay, and the Optishot2 Simulator. This means you have everything you need to start playing complete rounds on an award-winning golf simulator system in the office.





Want a Golf Simulator for The Office?

Hopefully, this article has allowed you to see just why golf simulators have become so popular these days and why even your office may stand to benefit from the addition of one. So, if you are ready to give employees something fun that will help them to relax and reset, as well as build a sense of team, then you might just be ready for a golf simulator.


Looking for the top golf simulators? Browse our complete collection of Golf Simulators today! Want to learn more about golf simulators first? Check out our other helpful guides:

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