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3 Ways a Launch Monitor Helps Lower Your Score - Simply Golf Simulators

3 Ways a Launch Monitor Helps Lower Your Score

For tens of thousands, the sport of golf has always been a great way to get outside, get some sun, and touch some grass. It has been a relatively natural experience. For this reason, many golfers outside of professional circles are hesitant to begin bringing new pieces of technology out with them onto the greens. Many do not understand that today’s launch monitors are not only smaller and more mobile than ever before (and simply easier to manage), but they also have a variety of tools and data points that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. In turn, these bits of data revelations on your swing style can help you take your game to the next level, significantly lowering your scores.

When golf enthusiasts realize the informational power a launch monitor brings to their game, it is hard to convince them to leave it at home.

In this article, we will briefly break down just how a launch monitor can take your game further and why so many at all levels of the game are now looking to add one to their arsenal.


3 Ways a Launch Monitor Helps Lower Your Score

Correcting Issues with Your Swing and Distance

Perhaps the biggest issue those new to golf struggle with is their swing, namely, slicing or hooking their shots. Even the greatest golfers can struggle with the consistency of the swing, and it can be hard to know precisely where and why imperfections are occurring in your swing. Good launch monitors, like the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, measure ball speed, backspin, club speed,  launch angle, sidespin, side angle, and display carry distance, amongst other metrics.

Another issue is having the perfect line on a shot but either overshooting or coming up short from your target. Golfers have a habit of overestimating their distances on certain clubs (this happens for a variety of reasons), but with a launch monitor, you will be able to have the data to know how far you hit each club in a variety of challenging real-world scenarios and can be much more consistent with your distances.

This type of information about your golf game allows you to make more meaningful improvements in the long run, guiding your training and practice focus and your overall strategy on the course.


Practice All Year Round and Stay Sharp

For many, the seasons where golf is viable are often limited, which can severely limit your ability to practice throughout the year. While you can go to some driving ranges or hit the ball at a net, without the proper information, the benefits you will gain from such sessions is fairly limited and may lead you to develop bad habits.

With a Skytrak connected to your ios device, World Golf Tour (WGT) Software, and a net, you can enjoy a whole golf simulation experience almost anywhere. WGT also includes a wide range of challenges and skill assessments, so you can keep improving with fun new challenges, keeping things fresh and exciting.

There is also the added benefits of simply being able to train longer with this type of setup. If you have ever finished a golf lesson and been frustrated, you didn’t have much time to reinforce what you had just learned; this is the way to fix that problem. Have a lesson, then come home and reinforce it.


Better Club Choice and Fit

As we previously discussed, a launch monitor can help you get detailed data on your habits and abilities with various clubs. This data can be leveraged to ensure you bring the right equipment when it comes time for a day on the course. You will be able to measure your distance with each club better and ensure that you have no considerable gaps in your set and good options for all types of situations.

A launch monitor gives you the data you need to correct distance gaps and build the perfect set of clubs.

Professional club fitters will also use launch monitors to help see if the shaft of a club is too soft or stiff for someone or if a particular swing type would benefit from some different weight distribution. The point is that data from a launch monitor is the best way to narrow in on your absolute best club selection.


Practice and Data is How You Improve Your Game

The top launch monitors seamlessly connect to your mobile devices, which can be synced up with all forms of apps and golf networks where you can work directly with coaches, advisors, pros, and peers. Once you can digitize your golf data, there is little limit to how this information can be used to help you improve.

Luckily, there are a ton of portable and affordable launch monitors on the market, and many of these, like the SkyTrak Launch Monitor or the Bushnell Launch Pro, can offer nearly as much data as the $20,000 equivalents the pros use. For example, Joe Hallett, a GOLF Top 100 instructor, uses a SkyTrak. Hallett uses the launch monitor in his lessons to help train players hit specific distances consistently under various conditions.



As this short article should have hopefully demonstrated, launch monitors can be a massive boon for someone trying to analyze and improve their golf game. Luckily, launch monitors today are smaller and more affordable than ever, and even low-cost options from the right brand can be excellent products that give you incredible amounts of crucial data.

Some launch monitors can even pair up with golf simulators, allowing you to create a whole at-home golfing experience that you and your family and friends can enjoy. Some even allow you to play in tournaments and against thousands of other players worldwide.

Looking for the top launch monitors? Browse our complete collection of Golf Launch Monitors today! Want to learn more about golf simulators first? Check out our other helpful guides:

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