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SkyTrak+ vs. Launch Pro: A Comprehensive Comparison of Golf Launch Monitors



Golf enthusiasts looking to improve their game have access to advanced technology in the form of golf launch monitors. These devices provide valuable data and insights into a player's swing, club performance, and ball flight. In this blog post, we will compare two popular golf launch monitors: the SkyTrak+ and the Launch Pro. Both offer cutting-edge features and functionalities designed to enhance a golfer's experience and performance.


SkyTrak+ - Unmatched Accuracy with Dual Doppler Radar and Machine Learning


The SkyTrak+ is a groundbreaking golf launch monitor that takes at-home golfing to the next level. Its core technology includes a dual doppler radar system and proprietary machine learning software, ensuring unmatched accuracy in its class. The addition of the dual doppler radar allows the SkyTrak+ to measure club data accurately, providing essential insights for game improvement.


Key Features of SkyTrak+:


  1. Dual Doppler Radar: The addition of a dual doppler radar system enables the measurement of club head speed, smash factor, club path, and face angle. Proprietary machine-learning algorithms provide precision comparable to high-end launch monitors on the market.


  1. Improved Photometric Camera System: The enhanced camera system offers highly accurate and reliable ball tracking data, making it an excellent tool for practice and improvement. It works effectively on outdoor mats, allowing players to work on their game at the range.


  1. Expanded Course Selection: With access to over 100,000 golf courses, including renowned venues like Pebble Beach Golf Links and St. Andrews, SkyTrak+ offers a variety of virtual courses that players can experience from the comfort of their home or business.


  1. In-Depth Practice and Improvement: The SkyTrak+ provides a comprehensive practice experience, including driving range sessions, skills assessments, bag mapping, randomized practice, and a wedge matrix for fine-tuning scoring clubs.


  1. New and Improved Shot Optimizer Interface: The Shot Optimizer feature allows players to compare their club and ball data against optimal launch conditions. A color-coded scoring system provides feedback on performance relative to top players globally.


  1. Shot Scoring for Progress Measurement: SkyTrak+ measures shot data from 20 shots with each club to generate a Shot Score, objectively assessing a player's golfing ability and predicting expected performance in an 18-hole round.


  1. Improved Details: The SkyTrak+ boasts a 40% larger hitting area, a new onboard processor for faster shot-to-show ability, 5Ghz Wi-Fi capabilities for improved connectivity, and USB Type C charging for rapid charging and port stability. It also eliminates the need for special balls or stickers on clubs.


Launch Pro - Tour-Level Accuracy for Performance Insights


The Launch Pro by Bushnell Golf is another top-tier golf launch monitor designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It uses a proprietary high-speed and high-resolution camera system combined with infrared technology to deliver Tour-level accuracy and performance insights on every shot.


Key Features of Launch Pro:


  1. Camera-based Precision: Unlike radar-based systems, the Launch Pro uses high-speed cameras and infrared technology to capture and analyze ball and club performance at impact, ensuring precise data on every shot.


  1. Unrivaled Ball and Club Data: The Launch Pro provides accurate carry distance, club head speed, launch angle, spin, and other critical data points, providing golfers with valuable insights to enhance their game.


  1. Anytime, Anywhere Use: The Launch Pro's advanced camera technology allows it to perform exceptionally well in various settings, whether on the driving range, golf course, garage, or indoor simulator room.


  1. Software Packages for Customization: The Launch Pro offers a range of software packages powered by Foresight Sports, providing golfers with options to suit their needs, from basic data visualization to full simulation.


  1. True-to-Life Simulation: With precise ball flight data capture, the Launch Pro offers true-to-life simulation, allowing golfers to play on some of the world's best courses and improve their skills on the range simultaneously.


  1. Software Subscription Options: The Launch Pro's software packages include Basic, Gold, and Unlocked options, offering varying levels of functionality and features to cater to different golfers' preferences.


Comparison Chart: SkyTrak+ vs. Launch Pro


Feature SkyTrak+ Launch Pro
Measurement Technology Dual Doppler Radar + ML High-Speed Camera + Infrared

Club Data Measurement

Yes  Yes 

Ball Data Measurement

Yes  Yes 
Course Selection 100,000+ Courses -
Practice Features In-Depth Practice and Improvement Guides for Optimal Practice
Shot Optimizer Yes (Data vs. Optimal Launch Conditions) -
Shot Scoring Yes (Shot Score Measurement) -
Connectivity Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Software Packages Various Subscription Tiers Basic, Gold, Unlocked
Indoor/Outdoor Use Both Both
Price $2,995 $3,499.99



Both the SkyTrak+ and the Launch Pro are exceptional golf launch monitors, each offering unique features and benefits to golfers seeking to enhance their game. The SkyTrak+ impresses with its dual doppler radar and machine learning capabilities, while the Launch Pro stands out for its camera-based precision and Tour-level accuracy. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual preferences, budget, and specific requirements. Regardless of which one a golfer chooses, they can expect to gain valuable insights to improve their performance on the course and enjoy the convenience of at-home golfing.

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